You're invited to...

John Rehling...

invites you to 716 E. Second Street...

on Friday, October 25...

to Orgy Of The Dead.

Orgy Of The Dead FAQ

Q: Will there be an actual death?
A: I hope not.

Q: Will there be an actual orgy?
A: I hope not.

Q: Is this anything like
Orgy Of The Damned?
A: Pretty much.

Q: Does this have anything to do with
The Grateful Dead?
A: Grow up.

Q: Who is not invited?
A: Stalin. Mussolini. Pol Pot.

Q: Who is invited?
A: Everyone else.

Q: Will Elvis be there?
A: Definitely.

Q: The fat one or the skinny one?
A: The fat one.

Q: What shall I bring?
A: Your friend(s). A beverage, perhaps.
Your skeleton, skin and internal organs.

Q: Will food and drink be available?
A: To some extent, but don't skip dinner.

Q: Will King Nosmo rule?
A: Yes: Nosmo King. (No Smoking)

Q: What time is Orgy Of The Dead?
A: From 9pm until it gets light out.
And this long after the equinox, that's late.

Q: Damned late?
A: Damned late.

Q: Won't it be too dark?
A: No; there'll be a full moon.

Q: Won't that be spooky?
A: Damned spooky.

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Orgy Of The Dead Productions, Inc.
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"If we ain't got it, it ain't an Orgy Of The Dead"

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