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osu/ contains the gridfonts displayed at Ohio State University in the
fall of 1999.

samples/seeded contains gridfonts created by the Letter Spirit program
when given a few seed letters which were created by a human to start
it off; usually the seeds are {b, c, e, f, g}

samples/self contains gridfonts created by the Letter Spirit program
operating from scratch, without any seeds from a human.

nyc/ contains a reconstituted version of some of the above, with a
couple of new pieces mixed in.

nyc/loader.html throws several gridfonts at you, in black and white,
with no additional explanation, but is nice eye candy. Most fit the
description given above for "samples/seeded"...

Many of the examples are color-coded. The system of color-coding has
changed throughout development, so a simple explanation of the scheme
is not possible; roughly, darker colors are seeds, or have been
rated highly by the program. The output here has been web-posted
without great elaboration in an effort to make them available to
interested parties as soon as possible.

John Rehling
Bloomington, IN
August 16, 2000