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No animals were harmed in the taking of this picture.
The ensuing moments, however, were a nasty spectacle.

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I grew up in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It's in Knox County. If you've ever noticed that some words start to look funny if you look at them long enough, it probably won't take you long to get the same thing going with "Knox".
I attended Western Reserve Academy and Dartmouth College.
I used to do research in cognitive modeling at the Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition at Indiana University. After that I worked at NASA Ames Research Center and lived in San Francisco. Now I'm at Carnegie Mellon University doing still more cognitive modeling.
I have spent my entire life on The Earth.

Embryonic Professional Section: Describing my embryonic career

Multiple Representations used in Perception Paper presented at 1996 Midwest AI/Cog Sci Conference.
Proposal for Implementation of Letter Spirit Comments welcome on this draft.
If you're not getting your news from the official North Korean news agency then how do you know it's true?

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Tally of Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs' Airplay on Winnipeg Radio

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  • IU Systems Exam Study Outline

    General Advice

    1) Check the map first
    2) Don't eat your seed corn
    3) If you force it, it will break

    Acquired Tastes

    1) John Coltrane
    2) Gin
    3) Acquiring acquired tastes

    Do you say "soda" or "pop"? This map will help you conform with local standards. Be aware, however, that "pop" is the correct term.
    Get curious about Native American languages
    A ton of information on the Chicago Bears
    You missed Orgy of The Dead and Sate 'N Worship

    Costumes by Edith Head